About Us

TECTEG MFR. is a Div. of Thermal Electronics Corp., established 1996. We are fully focused on the manufacturing and production of Seebeck power modules and Peltier TEC module based devices in our power & cooling divisions. We also have extensive design experience developing hundreds of  Thermoelectric prototypes and DC to DC  TEG controllers. Our experience in the Thermoelectric technology industry spans 27 years. TECTEG MFR. is presently partnering with multiple companies, Scientists at McMaster University, College of Caledonia, and The Net Zero project which involves 15 Universities as well as several scientists outside the university setting with a combined thermoelectric experience of 200 years. We have not only filed a number of patents but a proprietary manufacturing technique used to produce high amp power generation (GENCELL ™) elements. Presently, we are using optimized Bismuth Telluride material to fabricate our (GENCELL ™), but with minor modifications we will have the ability to use any of the many new thermoelectric power materials CMO (Calcium Manganese Oxide) and PbSnTe (Lead,Tin, Telluride) being developed by hundreds of physicist around the world.Presently we offer materials BiTe, BiTe-PbTe Hybrid, PbTe alone and PbTe combined with TAGS (Tellurium Antimony, Germanium, & Silver) and CMO (Calcium Manganese Oxide) working ZT ranges of 50°C to 850°C. Bringing the total to 5 different TEG module semi-conductor combinations. No other thermoelectric company offers the variety of thermoelectric materials & temperature ranges. As a customer or researcher we advise visiting our Online Store for constant updates. Our partnerships and marketing exposure has propelled Thermal Electronics Corp. as an authority on new materials and we constantly partner with developers to showcase new materials and cutting edge TEG module design and materials.



Tecteg Mfr. has partnered with Dapagee to deliver IoT sensors with turnkey autonomous THERMOELECTRIC power systems, to allow for autonomous power solutions from any heat source down to 10C DT. Our patented designs offer superior power generation from the smallest differentials. Our micro Dc to Dc battery charge controller provide the smallest possible footprint (10mm x 20mm) starting at 40mv. We also offer a bidirectional Dc to Dc controller option!

DC to DC Charge controller



Our 10 years of prototyping with numerous clients has allowed for the zeroing in on the exact architecture that is required for a successful deployment, with seamless integration into auditing of equipment to deployment of sensors with IoT wireless battery charging for Autonomous monitoring from sensors for years without changing batteries. Tecteg Mfr. uses advanced 3D printing technology to configure and design hot side absorption modules to mate to any motor or hot surface.

Other Green technologies we are involved in thru various joint venture companies include:

UR ONE, INC. (Carbon DE-Sublimation technology) most economic carbon removal technology on the market today!


GEMA Sciences, Inc ( Hydrogen on demand)


Near Future:

Tecteg Mfr. working with Jason Stewart “The Firemaster” and his clean burning wood stove adapter patented invention in New Zealand and with Derald Cook owner ofintensofuergoin Chile who also is working with our group which developed a turn key clean burning wood stove adapter system to make older stoves not only more efficient but clean burning, the future design will option a thermoelectric power generator, with hot water and distributed heating and produce roughly 100 watts. CHP for short. The adapter retrofit system will reduce wood consumption by burning cleaner  saving money annually.


Why Thermoelectric Power Generator?

Carbon Reducing Green Technology is how quickly the technology will begin to produce a net power benefit above the power it took to produce the generator. Basically, all green technologies either consume power or creates a Carbon Footprint while being manufactured into a final product. The graph below shows several standard Green Technologies and the time it takes the power they produce to equal the power it took to actually manufacture them. If all Green Technologies were evaluated in this manner, Thermoelectric Generation BiTe would be the least carbon intensive of all green technologies!One advantage Thermoelectric generation has is it is a Combined technology. What does that mean? It means it can not only produce power, but it can also reclaim valuable heat which together offer a compelling ROI of under 3 years with NO Government subsidies. If subsides where involved we could see returns of less than 2 years. No other green technology comes close to this claim! Our P.O.W.E.R project which is a finished system just entering Pilot testing at a large retail food chain demonstrates this reality. Once commercialized the technology will be deployed into our first customers 900 pizza stores offering savings of close to $10,000 per year with build in resiliency which in a power outage allows the store to be the only local store to stay open under it’s own power.
More technical details? Please visit www.thermoelectric-generator.com and surf through the news releases and technical papers!

As well for Peltier effect cooling products you can visit our www.espressomilkcooler.com site.  or our www.tecteg.com

It was obvious to us that Thermoelectric Power Generation (TEG) technology is by far the most competitive power neutral technology of all Green Technologies available. One might say that you need to burn fossil fuel to capture power and that adds to the ongoing power requirements?
The truth is that in 99% of the applications, fuel is already being consumed for other purposes such as providing heat, or work. Thermoelectric technology extends the life of that fuel and makes the consumption more energy efficient! Each of these processes have waste heat as a byproduct. We are just consuming the heat before it is lost to the atmosphere. Not only are we producing power from waste heat but we are recycling the heat to provide more work in the form of heating hot water, area heating, and preheating air consumed in the Hearth appliance so, that less fuel is required to achieve the same heating requirements! TECTEG MFR. is working with McMaster University to validate our new technology. Commercialization is expected in the next year. If we are successful Thermoelectric Seebeck Effect Power Generation technology could be widely implemented in everything from Furnaces, Cars, Trucks and Heavy Industry to name a few. We have set-up Thermoelectric Power Distributors in Pakistan, India, and Africa.